April 24, 2013

Chesapeake Trip

This year has proven to be quite busy and, once again, the blog has fallen by the wayside. Here are a handful of photos from my recent visit to oyster farms in Virginia to keep you entertained.

Main grow-out area for Broadwater Oysters. (such and eyesore, I know)

Oyster cages to the left...

... and to the right (at Cherrystone Aquafarms)

A few of Sewansecott's cages on a small shoal off the Eastern Shore.

Think you've seen big oysters? Think again. (no, I didn't eat it)

Cages drying in the morning sun.

"It's hard work, but the view from the office is hard to beat." I agree.

Meet Ted Nowakowski, oyster farmer (Broadwater Oysters)

Baby oysters (called "seed") in upwellers

Wild oysters on the Eastern Shore! So great so see a wild population here.

Cage-grown seems to be the norm in this part of the country. 
If you look closely, there are clusters of wild oysters in the shallow water next to my shadow.

Hasty shot inside the tumbler at Rappahannock River Oyster Company. (I have a video too, I'll post it if there's any interest)

I had a great time, many thanks to all of the oyster farmers I met along the way!!