October 31, 2011


Hello there!

I have a tendency to ramble, so I will keep this intro post brief.

Oysters fascinate me. Pretty much everything about them is in some way interesting, and I can't get enough. (Yes, I like to eat them too). The closest analogy to an oyster is a wine grape: like nothing else on earth do they exhibit a sense of place. An oyster (or wine grape) might be grown fifty feet from another, apparently identical, one but somehow taste different; in wine terms this is known as terroir, and when relating it to oysters some have called it merroir or merquoi. I like the way merquoi sounds, so I'll be using that term until I find something more accurate.

In this blog I'll be discussing anything and everything that pertains to oysters, as well as providing some information about specific oysters. Posts will be frequent, if not daily, in an attempt to keep them shorter and more focused.

Feel free to comment, I will do my best to answer any questions.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!